MacIndex provides specifications of Mac computers on the Android platform. While EveryMac does not have a client, and another famous application Mactracker does not like Android; MacIndex provides a third-party solution, fulfills the general requirements. It includes:

  • Hundreds of AIOs, desktops, towers, and notebooks from the first generation Macintosh in 1984, to the latest Apple Silicon-based ARM Mac;

  • Many specifications are povided: images, introduction times, models and identifications, processor information, graphics and display, RAM, ROM, software, storage, expansion, design, and support status;

  • Filtering according to the architecture, and view by product categories, processors, and introduction years;

  • If applicable, every model is linked to the specific EveryMac page;

  • If applicable, startup and death sounds are included;

  • Supports search by many identifications: name, model, identification, gestalt, order number, EMC number, and flitering according to the architecture;

  • Supports collecting models into favourite folders, can be listed and managed in one place;

  • Supports adding custom comments, can be listed and managed in one place;

  • Supports generating custom specification entries sharing information, and also supports generating sharing deeplinks;

  • Supports random viewing, open EveryMac directly, copy of information, navigation range switch, usage records saving, high volume warning, small logos, and English-Chinese dual language, etc., which are all customizable;

  • Provides detailed help and documents (in Chinese only);

  • Open source, clean, transparent, no special permission needed.

Author: paizhang

Special thanks to: Vector Jiao (teammate), Mation Wang (logo and poster design), all beta version users.

System Requirements

MacIndex only runs on Android. If you are using iOS, iPad OS, macOS-based devices, please use the better one: Mactracker. Other system requirements are listed below:

  • Android 6.0 or higher;

  • 200MB of available storage;

  • Android phone with at least 4.7-inch screen with 720p resolution preferred;

  • Can not guarantee normal behavior under Android computers, TVs, and even watches.

MacIndex requires the permission to control the vibration of your phone. This is only used to enhance the experience when playing the startup/death sound. Android OS will allow it since it is not a dangerous permission.

Get MacIndex

Due to its non-profit and educational purposes, MacIndex is not and will not be available on the Play Store. You will need to download the APK file via the GitHub Releases.

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